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Vanilla Hair and Beauty Studio are located in Borehamwood on telephone no 020 8905 2000. Our hair extensions services include the supply of  the necessary remy hair to suit our London clients objectives, the installation of the hair including blending cutting and colouring as required; followed by an aftercare and maintenance support program necessary to refit the extensions at approximately 3 month intervals and gain the best longevity of the installed hair. Our webpage identified here https://vanillaborehamwood.co.uk/remy-hair-extensions gives you detailed information on our consultation, fitting and support; plus all you need to know about the extensions industry and the terminology adopted. We welcome all enquiries for Beauty Works hair extensions and look forward to delivering a quality hair salon experience to our valued clients from Mill Hill, Stanmore, Harrow, Pinner, Edgware, Wembley, Barnet and the London surrounds.

  • Here we list just some of the questions that are asked in the extensions industry; and we offer our answers to help you understand the market.
  • P.S.
  • Answers 1 & 2 are our opinion. However we do think we know a thing or two about the supply, fitting and maintenance of hair extensions which warrants a little trumpet blowing.
  • Q1. Which is the best hair extensions salon in Hertfordshire?
  • A1. In our opinion, Vanilla Studio Borehamwood Herts is the best hair extensions salon, offering a free initial consultation to enable you to explore all extension options and build a relationship with an established and long time reliable high street salon.
  • Q2. Which is the best hair extensions salon in London?
  • A2. In our opinion, Vanilla Studio Borehamwood Herts offers the best hair extensions facility to clients in North London. Accessibility is easy, as the salon is two minutes from the Thameslink train network and London buses pass our door.
  • Q3. Which make of hair extensions are the best?
  • A3. We have explored the market and have selected Beauty Works as our supplier of choice. We have no obligation to use them other than they prove to supply the best products at a reasonable price point.
  • Q4. How much do hair extensions cost?
  • A4. Like most things, there is not a simple answer to this broad question. However if we dismiss the DIY and low grade installations; and also dismiss the extreme jet-set fashion magazine installations; we end up in the real world where you could expect to pay £250 to £500, depending on many factors, for an average installation.
  • Q5. How much does it cost to maintain hair extensions?
  • A5. Your natural hair continually grows and sheds, causing the extensions to require refitting. On average and depending on specific needs you could expect to pay £100 to £150 for refitting every 3 months, plus any other cut, colour services.
  • Q6. How long do hair extensions last?
  • A6. Many factors come into play, such as extreme abuse, hair product use, planning a maintenance routine with your stylist, etc. However as a guide, you could expect to achieve up to 9 to12 months of life, and in the extreme, some people suggest they achieve a saintly 18 to 24 months.
  • Q7. What type of extensions are best?
  • A7. There are several ways of securing hair extensions, ranging from temporary ‘clip ins’ to ‘full wigs’. Typically most clients have a consultation to establish their needs and agree to use tapes, keratin bonds, I tips or nano rings, which all provide clients with hair extensions that create volume and length

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