How our hair matures

As we get older our hair takes on different characteristics to those ‘good hair days’ that we experienced in our teens and twenties. It’s not uncommon to discover your first grey hair on your thirtieth birthday; out come the magnifying mirror and tweezers and the next 5 years are spent chasing the little ‘so and so’s‘ until they eventually win the game.

Chemicals bombard our hair from inside and out. Different medicines causing our hair to develop differently, with some such as steroids and hormones actually thinning or thickening the hair, depending on the type and application. Traffic fumes, swimming pool chemicals, poor diet and even overly strong hair products damaging the hair structure.

Our hair can start to loose it’s bounce, it’s colour (Melanin), it’s lustre, it’s youthfulness and it’s mojo.

It becomes time for women to consider their hairstyles and hair colour styling options. Here at Vanilla in Borehamwood we offer full ladies hairdressing and styling discussion and options to get your hair looking it’s best.


Hair styling discussions to have with your hairdresser

A small number of women can be lucky in that they develop a mature head of  ‘salt and pepper ‘ coloured hair that suits their complexion and can be styled in a manageable way; if you are one of those people then quit reading this and pour yourself a glass of bubbly.

However most others will consider options in rejuvenating their hairstyles which in turn will enhance their overall appearance.

Lets talk first about the cut of the hair. In general, most women reduce the length of their hair to a cut that is just over the shoulder or above the shoulder. You may wish to discuss bob hairstyles with your hairdresser; they range from long bobs , to graduated bobs and if you want to go even shorter consider a pixie haircut. Also discuss cutting techniques such as point cut , club cut and texturising cuts which provide softer or defined guidelines. Some other terms you may pick up on in the press are ‘Bangs’ which is another term for fringe; and ‘Lob’ which is another term for a mid length Bob which may be dried with a shaggy look.

Next, hair colour should be considered. As we age, our hair production characteristics change; the natural melanin in our hair reduces and greys and whites start to take over. The texture of the hair also changes and you may notice that grey or white hair becomes ‘lank‘ or possibly fluffy ( one reason for shorter hair). Your hairdresser can assess colour, pigments, hues and tones that will give your hair its mojo back. The assessment should consider your skin tones, eye colour and current natural hair colour. As a general hint, most women should consider slightly lighter colouring rather than darker. Also, rather than creating a ‘block’ of colour ask your hairdressers about highlights, lowlights, balayage and ombré coulouring techniques.


Treatments and products

A litre bottle of Tesco’s finest shampoo is probably ok during your early years; but as your hair matures  it needs all the help you can give it.

Consider washing your hair less frequently to retain your new colour for longer and retain those precious natural oils.

Consider having an Olaplex Treatment or a Joico ‘Defy Damage’ Treatment to rebuild and strengthen your hair.

Consider having a Keratin Treatment to reduce frizz from the effects of our damp weather conditions.

Consider the shampoo, conditioner and styling products that you use. A good regime will benifit you considerably.

Please feel free to discuss your options with our hairdressers at Vanilla Studio, we style and restyle ladies hair predominantly for London and Hertfordshire based clients, and have a wealth of experience in the choice and application of hair colouring products and treatments.