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Borehamwood Herts Keratin Hair treatment

We offer Keratin treatments that are designed to reduce the amount of frizz in frizzy hair. They do not straighten the hair; instead they seal the hair to reduce its reaction to conditions such as damp weather which normally brings on the frizz. A smoothing treatment  or smoothing blow dry as it’s sometimes called lasts for around 12 weeks and also helps reduce the time of your daily drying and styling. Keratin hair treatments originated in Brazil (Brazilian Blowout) and have taken on many different names, formulas, and Countries of origin as the fashion for frizz free hair developed around the world. The EU now offers direction on formaldehyde gas and it’s historic link to keratin treatments see https://www.cosmeticsdesign-europe.com/Article/2012/07/10/EC-deems-formaldehyde-equivalent-unsafe-for-use-in-hair-straighteners with WHO (world health organisation) safety levels for indoor use.


Your Keratin Treatment with Vanilla Studio

Keratin hair treatment also known as Brazilian Blowdry and Hair smoothing

1. If you colour your hair then preferably have it coloured directly prior to the treatment, the colour will then be “locked in” for longer.

2. Your stylist will advise on the application for your hair and the timing / costs. (Long hair can take twice as long to finish, sometimes exceeding 3 hours).

3.Sit back and relax, the process of preparing your hair, applying the keratin product and then finishing the treatment with several heated passes is something that cannot be hurried. We are soon to use a specially designed extraction system to reduce emissions during the heated finish.

4. Confirm with your stylist how soon you can wash your hair after the smoothing treatment . Also confirm the best products to use with your treatment.

5. Follow your stylists advice regarding maintenance for the particular Brazilian blowdry that you have had. The keratin hair treatments will typically last for 12 weeks and some people report 16 to 24 weeks.

6. We welcome enquiries for Keratin hair  treatments, Brazilian blowdry, Hair smoothing treatments and keratin blow dry from our clients in Shenley, Mill Hill, Edgware, Barnet, Radlett, Bushey, Watford, Harrow and Herts London borders.

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Brazilian Blowdry using a keratin treatment Herts London Hertsmere borders.

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