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Vanilla Studio have searched the hair extensions marketplace to find the best extensions for our clients. We have not compromised in our quest for the best grades of Remy hair, the best securing methods, the best longevity of product and the best technical application know how and skills.

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If you want things doing right you call on the right specialists to achieve your ambition. Vanilla recognise your need to source the best when it comes to personal grooming. Our London / Herts Boutique based in Borehamwood,  specialises in providing the best remy hair extensions, the best fitting and the best hair extension refitting and maintenance program for our clients from Shenley Bushey Radlett Watford St Albans Barnet Stanmore Harrow Mill Hill Edgware Elstree and Borehamwood.

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We won’t be beaten on quality of supply or quality of service. Our reputation relies on our focused and dedicated delivery giving you a superior customer experience. We want you to be ecstatic with your hair and the service in our salon, and offer the following guidelines to enable you to judge just that.

All you need to know about hair extensions

Definitions of hair extension terminology including Remy and Virgin

Hair Extension Terminology

Here we provide you with all the information you will need to understand your investment in hair extensions.

The marketplace is full of hair extension descriptions and marketing materials that use terms out of context and in some cases underhandedly. Please consider their validity by becoming informed on the supply , fitting and maintenance of hair extensions.


Firstly there is no dictionary definition of the word REMY or REMI other than male and female names. 

The term Remy is used in the hair extensions industry to describe the fact that the individual human hairs that make up a hair extension all lie with their cuticles pointing in the same direction. Therefore when the extension is fitted, the clients hair and the extension hair will lie in the same direction and will not tangle due to incompatible cuticle friction. 

The harvesting of the hair plays a big part in ensuring that the pony tail of hair is kept polarised with roots always to one end and the tips to the other end. Remy does not mean Virgin hair.


Virgin human hair was not chemically processed while growing. Once harvested it may be washed and sanitised; it will also be prepared to allow the extension to be manufactured. Note ask yourself if it’s possible to buy blond virgin Indian hair?


This is an empty statement. A trichologist is not a medical doctor or a manufacturing consultant but a trained person who works with a client on a “one to one” to treat hair and scalp conditions. They are not there to inspect YOUR hair extensions that YOU buy. Their code of practice on their website says “ no Member may use their Association membership in the commercialisation of any product or remedy.“ also “No Member shall conduct remote Trichology diagnosis, neither shall medications be supplied without prior examination of the patient.”


Non Remy classifies hair extensions that are made with hairs that are not matched in terms of cuticle direction. This could be due to lack of care when harvesting the hair or hair supplied from the floor sweepings of hairdressing salons. It could also mean that the cuticles of the hair have been chemically stripped away to try and stop tangles due to the multiple directions of the individual hairs. Some manufacturers will add silicone (as a short term FIX) to the hair to try and disguise the cuticle incorrectness or chemical stripping.


”100% Human“ only really tells you it’s human hair. The hair could be cuticle incorrect, it could be bleached, it could have cuticles “acid stripped“ away.


Synthetic means made by chemical synthesis. And in the case of hair you will be buying PLASTIC.


When Hair is harvested, the ponytail has hairs of different lengths within it. This is normal because hair growth length is different for every hair on your head (see hair growth below) The Hair will go through several alignment and length selection processes including Turning, Hackling and Drawing off which involves working the hair with a pair of drawing brushes to separate varying lengths of hair.

Single drawn normally means the individual hair lengths are as the hair grows (normal).

Twice drawn removes the shorter hairs, but leaves a varied mixture of lengths toward the tips.

Double drawn removes all shorter hairs so that all the tips are the full length.

The price goes up as the extension manufacture workload increases. 

We would suggest that if your ambition is purely length then double drawn may be your choice however if length AND volume is your ambition then single drawn could well suite you.


The majority of hair used in the hair extension industry comes from India, China, Russia and Brazil. Choosing which hair is best for the client will depend on the clients own hair ( ie a Chinese client may not suite European or Russian hair extensions)


Europeans have hair that can range from 0.05mm diameter for thin hair to 0.07mm for average hair and 0.09mm for thick hair. Russian and Brazilian Hair is similar in thickness to European Hair. Asians have hair that is on average 0.1mm thick.


Hair grows at approximately 1cm a month. The growth phase lasts for 3 to 7 years then the hair follicle stops the growth and the hair falls out. New hairs take the place of upto 100 discarded hairs daily. For these reasons you will need your hair extensions refitted approximately every 3 months.


Just as you would care for your own hair you need also to care for your extensions.


When brushing only brush softly in one direction starting at the tip ends and working a brush from root to tip In small stages.

When washing stand in a shower with the water flow coming from above.

When shampooing focus a mild shampoo on the scalp using care not to “scrub or over massage”.

When conditioning mainly focus conditioner to the lower two thirds of the hair.

When drying DO NOT SCRUB WITH A TOWEL, carefully work from the tips to remove any tangle and use only warm air, NOT HOT AIR, in a downward direction to dry hair.

Consider the water quality used to wash hair, soft water will be less harsh. (Beware of chemicals and salts in tap water and especially in swimming pools which can damage hair and even turn coloured hair green)


Work out a care plan with your hairdresser for colour, cutting, conditioning and refitting of extensions, Refitting will normally be required at around 3 month intervals.

Carefully run your fingers through your hair once or twice a day to “align and position the extensions” this will help your hair stay tangle free.

Wear your hair in a LOW ponytail when in bed, or when exercising, or in windy conditions. Use a proprietary hair band.

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Hair extensions consultation guide

 Before you have your Remy hair extensions fitted you will have a consultation with an appointed stylist at our hair extensions boutique in  Borehamwood Hertfordshire. We will discuss your hair styling expectations and agree a way forward.

The discussions will include the condition, style, colour and medical needs of your own hair. There may be a need to prepare your hair in readiness for your new look.

We will discuss your expectations to be achieved using hair extensions such as length, volume, longevity, style etc.

Maintenance and condition control together with refitting schedules will be discussed to achieve upto 9 to 12 months of hair extension material life. ( some people talk of 18 - 24 months, but you will need to be a saint in your care routines to get close ).

We will confirm the type of Remy extensions to be used including, the type of fitting ( micro link etc), the scalp pattern ( full head, half head etc ), the country of origin ( Russia etc) and finally the colour and length of extension.

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How to book an appointment

It couldn’t be easier, if you are in the area then please call in to our hair extensions salon at 40 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Herts.  Otherwise please call us on tel: 020 8905 2000 during normal opening times.

We look forward to meeting and discussing your requirements.